Computer Support Fort Mill SC

Attention small business owners in Fort Mill, SC area!

Are you frustrated with amount of computer problems you are having at your office? Do most of them interrupt your working day repeatedly? Do you feel like you need a plan to stop computer worries so that you could concentrate on your job?
If so, you’re close to making your life much easier!
At Faustas LLC we specialize in fast, responsive and affordable computer and network support for small business owners. Our way of preventing problems is to fix the root cause, not the symptom. We firmly believe that a few important right decisions can save you from fighting small and annoying problems every day. If you have 2 to 20 PCs and want someone to always be there to quickly respond to your computer problems, we’re your partner!
At the same time we strive to provide our clients with the best technology advice they could find. If you ever gone to BestBuy and tried to ask a question to one of their sales people, then you know that their answer usually raises even more questions. We don't just sell stuff, we find the best product for your needs and budget. Then we install it into your IT infrastructure, test it to work and then teach you how to use it.
Our computer suppport is also available on a monthly subscription basis. Check out our Effortless IT computer and network support plans that will enable us to predict, prevent and solve your problems at a fixed monthly fee.

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